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The apartment house at intersection of the streets Kh. Bolganbayev and A102 (design name) in Astana is located in the developing and environmentally friendly district of the capital, near the Golf club. We are constructing an absolutely new architectural tendency in Kazakhstan.

The building is three-storeyed with an underground parking and the penthouse, in the plan view it has intricate shape. This project with good reason will become one of the brightest and recognizable accents in the image of Astana. We set the purpose to create the most comfortable conditions to live for our clients.

On the first floor there are provided office rooms. The entrance to the office is located on the side of Rh. Bolganbayev St. and isolated from entrance group of the house.

On 2nd and 3rd floors there is located the residential zone – apartment. The entrance group to the premises is settled down from the yard side of the site.


The housing estate is located in the perspective and environmentally friendly district of Astana, near the residence of the Head of the state, Golf club and the new station “Nurly Zhol”.


An important advantage of the project is improvement of the territory: existence of children’s playing grounds and sports grounds, underground parking, walking and sports zones, a separate parking zone for cars of guest, a lawn with green plantings, decorative consecration, landscaping elements. An important component is existence of adaptation of the housing estate for physically disabled people, compliant with international standards.


The house is constructed from environmentally friendly materials (granite, front panels FunderMax)..

Total number of apartments in the house - 6 apartments, including:

  • 3 room - 2 apartments (113,97 sq.m);
  • 4 room - 4 apartments (167,10-172,85 sq.m).

Height of residential floors (in purity) - 3,3 m.

On the basement part of the designed project it is provided the underground parking for 12 m/m.

In the yard of the house there are provided the open parking spaces in number of the 10 m/m.

Improvement of the domestic territory is organized by settlement of resting grounds, children’s and playing grounds.

Intra domestic coverings of passages are made of asphalt concrete, sidewalks are covered with paving slabs, platforms for rest have sandy covering and covering from the rubber crumb.


We propose different planning solutions, each of which considers needs of modern families. In apartments there are spacious sitting rooms and bedrooms, practical wardrobes, big bathrooms and magnificent kitchens each hostess dreams about. Our clients without any effort will be able to choose planning options, comfortable and convenient for themselves. At designing the complex there were used the most advanced technologies applied to houses of the high comfort.

Typical floor plan


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